Jack’s Smoked Boston Butts

Needed:  Whatever number of Boston Butts you want to smoke. 

For my cooker we usually do between 24 and 36 butts.  We smoke with charcoal and try to keep the temperature between 225 and 250.  You can also smoke these butts on gas grills but I’d rather smoke them on charcoal.  It helps to spray the cooking grid down with cooking spray so as to keep the skins from sticking and tearing off.  However,  NOBODY complains when we a pan of smoked pork skins when we are done for the day!

We start the butts skin side down and cook for 2 hours.  Charcoal is added as needed to maintain cooking temperature.  We continue to turn the butts every 2 hours until they are ready to come off at about the 8 to 10 hour mark.  The way I gauge if they are ready to come off the cooker is by feeling the bone loosen up inside the butt.  You can tell when you pick them up to turn them. 

When we take them off the cooker we put each butt on a double layer of foil(we use a double layer because foil is made so thin these days) and pour about a cup of Blowin’ Smoke Eastern Style BBQ Sauce over it.  Wrap the foil down tightly being real careful not to punch a hole in the foil.  We then place the butts in a big plastic cooler with a good seal and let the sauce “steam” into the meat.  They stay piping hot in the cooler just waiting for folks to come by and take them home.

Jack Moore adding Blowin' Smoke sauce to the pork butts cooking in his barbeque pit. photo by Wayne Hinshaw, for the Salisbury Post

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