Jack’s Christmas Chicken

We do this chicken every year for Our Friends and Family Christmas Takeout.  Everyone that gets an invite brings a toy and we take them to the Salvation Army the next day to give to the children of the less fortunate.

Needed: Blowin’ Smoke BBQ Sauce, Blowin’ Smoke Eastern Style BBQ Sauce and Pig Pen’s Original Seasoning.

Chickens on the grill

We usually smoke between 80 and 100 chicken leg quarters but you Smoke however many you need.  The reason we do leg quarters is because many times when you are smoking halves the breast and the wing will be dried out by the time the leg and the thigh are done.  You can also freeze these quarters and they do really well with a little extra sauce in the freezer bag to prevent the freezer burn.

We spray the grid to keep the chicken from sticking. Once the chicken is on the grill we sprinkle Pig Pen’s Original Seasoning all over it.  To smoke this much chicken we use a whole 5.5 oz. bottle.  When we smoke chicken we try to keep our temperature in the 225 range.  We start bone side down and turn every hour.  The way we know when our chicken is done is by the skin method.

When we see the skin beginning to draw and wrinkle then we are ready to take it off the cooker. We put the chicken in a big cooler one layer at a time with the bottom lined with one layer of foil.  We then pour a mixture of 1/3 Blowin’ Smoke BBQ Sauce and 2/3 Blowin’ Smoke Eastern Style BBQ Sauce all over the chicken from a gallon jug.  Place another layer of foil down on the layer of chicken and repeat with the sauce mix.  When you get to your last layer of chicken cover it with a layer of foil and close the  lid on the cooler to keep the heat in.

chicken legs covered in Blowin smoke bbq sauce

You want to let the sauce soak into the meat for a least an hour or so.  When you open that cooler your chicken will be so moist and tender your whole family will enjoy it.

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